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January 2023

Tue, 01/31/2023

Союзы писателей России и Беларуси инициировали учреждение литературной премии "Буйничское поле"

Nikolai Ivanov, Chairman of the Board of the Union of Writers of Russia, told reporters about this.

“Buinichskoye field is a field of military glory,” emphasized Nikolai Ivanov. “There are three of them in Russia: Prokhorovskoye, Borodinoskoye and Kulikovo. And they are connected literary. For example, the Borodino Autumn festival is held on Borodinoskoye, where not only writers, but also filmmakers. We have a wonderful “Prokhorovskoe Pole” award, in which Belarusians constantly become participants. For example, the chairman of the Union of Writers of Belarus Alexander Karlyukevich is also a laureate of this award. In addition, the other day we signed a regulation on the “Russian Word” award, which we will present on the Kulikovo Field. Now we undertake the obligation to establish the literary prize "Buinichskoye Field".


"Рождественский Бульвар" – это было ярко!

The Rozhdestvensky Boulevard festival gave Ulyanovsk residents positive emotions and a fabulous mood. More than 4,500 citizens had a great time here!

For two days, the UlSPU sports arena turned into a space where creativity, fun and New Year's anticipation of a miracle reigned.
The directorate of the "Ulyanovsk - UNESCO City of Literature" program has prepared a creative zone "Library" for the townspeople.

Anyone could plunge into the atmosphere of Christmas fairy tales, make little books, read books and make lucky predictions for 2023. And also - play a video console and immerse yourself in virtual reality or take a photo with a large teddy bear in a warm scarf.
Visitors to the Boulevard learned a lot about the tourist attractiveness of our beloved city - the best routes and the city’s tourist potential. There were also theater and music venues, a souvenir gallery and a food court.
The festival is organized with grant support from the Ministry of Art and Cultural Policy of the Ulyanovsk Region and with the support of the Administration of the city of Ulyanovsk.
We express our deep gratitude to the Center for the Development of Social, Cultural and Scientific Projects of the ANO "Art-Fest" (headed by Ilya Valov), the Department of Culture of the city of Ulyanovsk (headed by E.N. Toporkova), and the Municipal Property Management of the Administration of Ulyanovsk (headed by T. .V. Goryunova), the Foundation for Creative Technologies "Ulyanovsk - Cultural Capital" (headed by T.A. Ivshina), the Centralized Library System of Ulyanovsk (headed by O.M. Slepova) for providing support with the participation of the program "Ulyanovsk - UNESCO City of Literature "in Rozhdestvensky Boulevard.

Социокультурная адаптация студентов из Индии

On November 28, 2022, at the Ulyanovsk city hall, under the leadership of the first deputy head of the city V.I. Andreev with the participation of the deputy head of the city I.B. Mitrofanova, heads of structural divisions of the Ulyanovsk city administration, head of the directorate of the program “Ulyanovsk - UNESCO City of Literature” E.E. Cherkas had a meeting with a representative of the educational institute "New Era.Education" Dr. Kumar Dharmendra (India).

In accordance with the agreements reached on the issue of sociocultural adaptation of Indian students, the directorate of the program “Ulyanovsk - UNESCO City of Literature” begins work in this direction.
On January 27, 2023, the head of the directorate of the “Ulyanovsk – UNESCO City of Literature” program, Elena Cherkas, and member of the directorate, Anna Konikhina, visited an active group of students from India who are studying at Ulyanovsk State University and pursuing a medical profession.

The community of Indian students at Ulyanovsk State University is quite large - about 1,200 students from this country study at the university. During the discussion, it became clear that students are interested in exhibitions, museums, theatrical performances of our city, as well as excursion programs both in Ulyanovsk and outside the city. Representatives of the BRICS countries have a great desire to get acquainted with the unique Russian culture and nature of our region. Special attention at the meeting was paid to sports activities - many Indians are seriously interested in volleyball, football and badminton.

The directorate of the program “Ulyanovsk - UNESCO City of Literature”, represented by Elena Cherkas and Anna Konikhina, gladly accepted the proposals and wishes of active youth and is preparing a program of events that can open up the cultural, tourist and sports diversity of the region and the city to students from India.
In turn, Indians are ready to hold a series of meetings with Ulyanovsk schoolchildren, talk about their traditions, culture, way of life, conduct master classes on Mehendi painting and demonstrate the beauty of Indian dances at master classes.

31 января исполняется 130 лет со дня рождения художника Аркадия Пластова

In honor of this, various events will be held in the region: exhibitions, film screenings, master classes, excursions, quizzes.
In Children's Library No. 28 named after. Arkady Plastov (Sozidateley Ave., 62) launched the Art Week “The Artist’s Path”, dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the birth of Arkady Aleksandrovich Plastov.
The program will last until February 3. All the details:   


Ульяновской области - 80 лет!

The Directorate of the program “Ulyanovsk – UNESCO Literary City” congratulates the residents of the Ulyanovsk region and the city of Ulyanovsk on the 80th anniversary of the formation of the Ulyanovsk region and on the 375th anniversary of the founding of Simbirsk (Ulyanovsk)

Our region has a long and glorious history. Residents of the Ulyanovsk region have something to be proud of - these are achievements in industry, in education, in the social and cultural spheres, successes in sports, and so on.
We invite you to plunge into the bright pages of the history of the Ulyanovsk region and get acquainted with the achievements of the districts of the city of Ulyanovsk!

Wed, 01/25/2023

Цвета Ульяновска - какие они?

Yulia Uzryutova, a local illustrator, came up with a creative description of Ulyanovsk: she decided to choose colors that, in her opinion, demonstrate the essence of the city! 

The artist depicted the “old” and the “new” parts of Ulyanovsk in her paintings and gave each piece a unique title. As a a result of this experiment, Yulia Uzryutova discovered new ‘colors’: “The color of Goncharov”, “Simbirsk’s Endangered”, “Residential Area Chameleon”, “Hedonistic Simbirsk”.
Artist’s commentary adds to the special atmosphere of her paintings. Yulia Uzryutova is an artist, journalist and a teacher, she took part in various international projects of UNESCO CCN. In January 2022,  she participated in the international comics exhibition on post-pandemic city representation (Angoulême International Comics Festival 2022, France) as well as in the “Snow and Minimalism” exhibition aimed at representing UNESCO Creative Cities (Reykjavik, Iceland) and the exhibition of watercolor illustrations for Goncharov’s book “Frigate Pallas” (January of 2022).
In 2021, the City Library named after I. A. Goncharov hosted the exhibition of artist’s watercolor paintings titled “The Stories of the Old City”.




Tue, 01/24/2023

Вышел буклет "Ульяновск-литературный город ЮНЕСКО"-2022

In this brochure one can learn about all the Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature international, interregional, municipal events of 2022. Not only did these events brighten Ulyanovsk's literature life, but it also allowed to broadcast UNESCO's values - peace and creation through literature. The brochure has QR-codes: once scanned, it takes one to a corresponding website with in-depth information about Ulyanovsk UNESCO projects.



















Mon, 01/23/2023

К 80-летию Ульяновской области вышел сборник «Родина в наши впадает сердца…»

The presentation of the Motherland Flows into Our Hearts book took place on January 19, 2023, on the day of the formation of the Ulyanovsk Region in the Ceremonial Hall of the Palace of Books-Ulyanovsk Regional Scientific Library named after Lenin.  The collection is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the formation of the Ulyanovsk region and the 375th anniversary of the founding of the city of Simbirsk (Ulyanovsk).  E. E. Cherkas, the head of Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature program, attended the event.


 Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature Program congratulates the residents of the Ulyanovsk region on their 80th anniversary.  Our region has a great, glorious history, it is a region with a developed infrastructure, with a rich cultural life.  The publication of the Motherland Flows into Our Hearts book adds even more significance to the day as it aims to acquaint readers with modern literary creativity and the uniqueness of the Ulyanovsk region,” Elena Cherkas noted.

 The collection presents the work of 56 Ulyanovsk poets and writers, who are associated with Ulyanovsk and the Ulyanovsk region.  On the pages of the book one can find landscape and patriotic poetry, local history essays, historical stories, reports about prominent people of the region, as well as publications about cultural events and holidays.

 Olga Daranova, scientific secretary of the Palace of Books, chairman of the regional branch of the Union of Writers of Russia, spoke about the significance of the new literary collection’s publication. Other representatives of the literary community of the city also performed on stage.  Nikolai Maryanin, a poet, journalist, local historian, author of the hymns of Ulyanovsk and the Ulyanovsk region introduced the guests of the event to The Heart of the Volga poem.

The printed edition will be available to residents of the Ulyanovsk region - copies of the books will be transferred to the state and municipal libraries of the region, as well as to school libraries.
 Ulyanovsk as a City of Literature is recognized internationally.  Ulyanovsk is the only city in the Russian Federation that is a part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the field of literature.  Since 2015, the Ulyanovsk region is recognized as The Literary Flagship of Russia and in 2019 our region was awarded the title of the Territory of Books and Reading at the All-Russian level.

фото: Дирекция "Ульяновск-литературный город ЮНЕСКО", 

Tue, 01/17/2023

В Ульяновске завершился «Литературный каток»

Literature on Ice, a project in which literature meets skating, took place in the Sobornaya Lane of the Sobornaya Square in Ulyanovsk.The event was attended by 234 people.

Literature on Ice themed skating rink connected skating - a well-loved winter past time - and literature, and became a place for creative expression. The event was hosted by Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature and assisted by Department of Culture and Organization of Leisure of the Population of the Administration of Ulyanovsk and
Centralized Library System of Ulyanovsk. 

On the Troitsky Lane stage, the participants recited various poems: New Year themed ones, children poetry as well as romantic poems. Special attention was given to patriotic poetry. Citizens recited works by Esenin, Pushkin, Akhmatova, Dementyev and other authors. 

People from Ulyanovsk, as well as from Samara, Ivanovo region, Republic of Sakha and Kazan, took part in the event. Poetry was recited by students and adults, children and elderly people. Literature on Ice skating rink became a place for creative expression and family recreation among the citizens. The event aroused interest among the city's media (Ulyanovsk Today, 73online, Ulpressa, Reporter73).

Particular attention was paid to Simbirsk-Ulyanovsk poets - Apollo of Corinth, Nikolai Blagov, Ilya Taranov. Elena Seytova, head of the City Library
№ 34, recited poems by Vladimir Dvoryanskov, a poet from Ulyanovsk. Residents of the city got acquainted with the works written by Maria Bogdan, Iraida Ulyanova, Vera Doroshina. These are poets from Ulyanovsk whose poetry was published on the pages of Simbirsk, the regional literary magazine. This magazine and collections of poetry from the
funds of the City Library named after. I.A. Goncharov were presented on a bookcase at the Literature on Ice skating rink for six days. Visitors could choose a poem to recite from any book they liked. The Literature on Ice event attracted the attention of young aspiring poets, for whom the event became an opportunity to share their creativity with the audience.
A poet, member of the Ulyanovsk Council of Young Writers Anisiya Tarasova (Matlina), recited the poem "Snowfall" written by Svetlana Matlina, Ulyanovsk poet, member of the Union of Writers of Russia and the Literary Fund of the Russian Federation. 

The partners of the event: Adrenaline, Ulyanovsk Adventure Park, Vinnovskaya Rosha,Ulyanovsk Amusement Park, Lost World Dinosaur Park, Sovremennik Cultural Center, Ruslan Cultural Center, LLC Trade House Ulyanovsk Khladokombinat. Ruslan Cultural Center, Directorate of Parks of Ulyanovsk, Specialized Library named after I.A. Goncharov, Specialized Library №15 named after. N.N. Blagov, Children's Library №26, Specialized Library №6 named after D.A.Granin, Library №34 and Children's Library №11 helped to create the festive atmosphere of the event.

During all the project's events, citizens had an opportunity to learn more
about Ulyanovsk as a UNESCO City of Literature, about the culture and literature related activities of our city, about important projects of the municipality. Ulyanovsk became the first Russian city to join the UNESCO Creative CCN.

More photo здесь

Mon, 01/09/2023

Публикация в журнале "Симбирскъ": о фестивале "Перекресток"

At the end of December, the Simbirsk magazine published their final issue of 2022. It traditionally presented News of the Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature Program. In this issue,  the article is dedicated to the Crossroads, a UNESCO Cities festival, which took place in September 2022.
 The event was hosted by the Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature program team, the Department of Culture and Leisure of the Population of the Administration of Ulyanovsk, Ulyanovsk: Cultural Capital, the Fund for Creative Technologies, and Centralized Library System of Ulyanovsk with the support of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO.
 At the end of 2022, the Crossroads festival won The Creative Event of the Year title of the Ulyanovsk Region: Creative Region, the II Regional Prize in the field of creative industries.
 We thank Elena Viktorovna Kuvshinnikova, the editor-in-chief of the issue, for cooperation!