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May 2023

Tue, 05/30/2023

Дирекция Ульяновск - литературный город ЮНЕСКО выступила партнером Всероссийской акции «Библионочь» и мероприятия Центральной городской модельной библиотеки им. И.А.Гончарова

On May 27, 2023, a fascinating journey took place here along the routes of Ivan Goncharov, which he described in the “Frigate “Pallada” book

It was a cross-cultural literary evening dedicated to the 165th anniversary of the complete edition’s publication of the Goncharov’s “Frigate “Pallada”. On May 27, 2023, at the invitation of the Directorate, this event was attended by first-year students of the Ulyanovsk State Technical University.

They enjoyed the presentation of the “Frigate “Pallada”” modern travel sketchbook and went on a virtual journey along Goncharov’s route in the “Following the frigate “Pallada” game. The students tested their skills in tying sea knots and using the compass, they were introduced to the semaphore alphabet and even tried to write hieroglyphs themselves, and also participated in the origami competition.

At the end of the event, all participants of the event received a gift from the Model Library named after. I.A. Goncharov - colorful modern books dedicated to our other fellow countryman - Nikolai Karamzin, and sweet gifts. “Library Night 2023” left a vivid impression on the students!

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Tue, 05/23/2023

Приглашаем всех жителей и гостей города на праздник День защиты детей 1 июня, который состоится в парке "Прибрежный"

On June 1, Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature Directorate will hold the “The Colors of Childhood Inspiration”  I International Festival with the support of the City Administration, Ulyanovsk Culture Department, the Central Library System and with the participation of the administrations of the city districts, Pribrezhny Park, City Library №2 named after N. G. Zyrin, Children's Art School № 4, Children's Art School №6, Children's Art School №7, Children's Art School №8, Children's Art School №10, Children's Art School №12, Children's Art School №13, Children's Art School named after. A.V. Varlamov, Center for Children's Creativity, Children's Art School №1, Cherdaklinsky district.

The main venue of the festival is the UNESCO Alley in the Pribrezhny Park.

During the festival, a children's plein air will be organized, where children under 16 years old will draw on a free topic.

You can submit an application for your child’s participation in the plein air until 18:00 on May 26, 2023 by sending an email to The application must indicate the child's first and last name and age.

The participants of the plein air will have a chance to go on free amusement rides in the Pribrezhny park and the Adrenaline Rope Park, and the Ulyanovsk Cold Storage Plant will gift the children with ice cream.

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Mon, 05/22/2023

Иностранные студенты в День дружбы народов узнали о народах Поволжья

Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature together with the Centralized Library System organized an event for foreign students on Peoples' Friendship Day

The meeting took place on May 20 and became part of the joint work of the City Administration, the Department of Culture of Ulyanovsk and Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature Directorate on the social adaptation of foreign students, the formation of interethnic and cultural dialogue among the peoples of the world to strengthen friendship and introduce Russia as a hospitable country

“Peoples' Friendship Day” event took place in the Model Library №7 named after A.F. Treshnikova. An exhibition of Russian musical instruments was also organized for the event.

Among the participants were students from Ulyanovsk State University and Ulyanovsk State Technical University from eight countries: India, Nigeria, Jordan, Sudan, Egypt, Afghanistan, Guinea-Bissau and Tajikistan. The participants learned a lot about the peoples of the Volga region, played the balalaika and accordion, painted Volga region ornaments, and had fun while playing the “Klubok” Russian folk game. The students were especially interested in the library’s microscope and the force meter. Let us remind you that the Model Library named after. A.F. Treshnikova specializes in environmental education.

The participants enjoyed learning about the diversity of Russian culture. They took part in all the activities with pleasure and wished to come to such an event again. Some even used the footage of the event for their video blog.

At the end of the meeting, students discussed what they have learned over a cup of tea and appreciated the taste of Russian sweets.

The students of the Ulyanovsk State University became the English-Russian interpreters for the event and it became part of their student practice at the Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature Translation Center.

We thank Ulyanovsk State University, Ulyanovsk State Technical University, city libraries №7, 17, 18 and the Central Model Library named after. I.A. Goncharov.

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Fri, 05/19/2023

Практиканты из УлГУ узнали об уникальных памятниках всемирного наследия ЮНЕСКО в России

Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature Translation Centre: UlSU students  learned about the uniqueness of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Russia

In accordance with a cooperation agreement with Ulyanovsk State University, a translation center has been operating in the Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature Directorate since 2022.

At the end of April, UlSU students came to practice at the translation center. They studied Russian UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Future specialists enjoyed the process - they translated facts about each monument into English and selected illustrations.

Materials about the volcanoes of Kamchatka, the Ubsunur basin, the Curonian Spit, etc., turned out to be very informative. One might call these pages “educational sketches” since they were made while the directorate was in the process of creating a book about UNESCO World Heritage Sites in our country.

Elizaveta Shishova, Evgeniy Baev, Nadezhda Faydash, Irina Minibaeva, thank you for your participation and sincere interest in the topic of the world and cultural heritage of Russia!


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Thu, 05/18/2023

В Ульяновске появилось граффити с цитатой Суворова

On the initiative of the Department of Culture and Leisure of the Population of Ulyanovsk and with the support of the city center for landscaping and gardening, Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature organized the process of creating a patriotic graffiti on Minaev Street with a quote by Suvorov.

The first creative session of the project took place on May 9th.

A patriotic street art object with a quote from the great Russian commander Alexander Suvorov is dedicated to Victory Day and is located in the center of Ulyanovsk.


For reference: May 18 is the day of memory of Generalissimo A.V. Suvorov.

He participated in seven major wars, won 60 battles and did not lose a single one. Suvorov is not only the most famous military commander in Russian military history, but also one of the most famous commanders in the world.



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Wed, 05/17/2023

"Ульяновск - литературный город ЮНЕСКО" готовит галерею «Послушай рецепты из любимых книг»

During the BOULEVARD festival, on June  3 and 4,  Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature will present a unique gallery called “Listen to Recipes from Your Favourite Books”.

We promote digital technology as well as literature – that’s why everyone has a chance to listen to 6 best recipes from popular literary works. We have added QR-codes to the gallery, once scanned they allow you to listen to the recordings.

- What is the recipe for kurnik the heroes of Alexei Tolstoy book treated themselves to?

- What dish was popular among the Cossacks in the last century? And how did Sholokhov describe it?

- What spices were added to Goncharov's "Oblomov's Soup" and Kuprin's "Salad a la Lidin-Baidarov"?

Visit the gallery and you will get a chance to learn about this and much more.

From 14.00 to 16.00, Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature hosts creative activities for children:

- "Music shaker" class. Guests of the festival will create musical instruments from paper and cereals;

- "Guess by touch" contest. Try to guess what is hidden in magic bags by touch;

- "Guess the musical instrument" competition. Try to guess riddles and proverbs related to music. After all, music is the main theme of the festival.

We are looking forward to enjoying literature, food and music with you!




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Tue, 05/16/2023

Открываем детям мир ЮНЕСКО

Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature launched the "World of UNESCO” project and started a series of events called  “Discover Russia”.

“Discover Russia” project allows children from UNESCO associated schools to learn about UNESCO Heritage Sites in Russia. 

How many Heritage Site are there in our country, what makes each of them  unique? The students of Ulyanovsk gymnasium №34 were the first to learn about this and many other things.

Such events will soon be held in gymnasium №33, secondary school № 69 named after. A. A. Tupolev and boarding school №89.




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Fri, 05/12/2023

По приглашению дирекции "Ульяновск - литературный город ЮНЕСКО" иностранные студенты УлГУ посетили выставку «Другой Ирак. Восхождение на зиккурат»

In cooperation with UlSU, we continue to introduce foreign students to the cultural life of Ulyanovsk.

The exhibition took place on May, 11 2023 in the Goncharov’s House Museum. Aleksey Marahovets, a well-known Ulyanovsk traveler and blogger presented photos taken during a trip to Iraq.

Ten UlSU students from Iraq enjoyed seeing Ulyanovsk blogger’s art – he managed to capture the beauty and uniqueness of the country. The participants learned what Iraq looks like now, where the descendants of the ancient Sumerians went, and what happened to the ruins of the first cities and sanctuaries.

The atmosphere of the meeting was warm and welcoming.

“Today was a happy day for us - we saw our country and a presentation about our culture at the photo exhibition. And it was very well executed", - said Ammar and Yasir, UlSU students.

At the end of the event, the Iraqis had tea, talked to the blogger about their homeland and thanked Russia for the friendship.

Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature would like to thank Ulyanovsk State University for fruitful cooperation.

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Thu, 05/11/2023

В сквере «Рассвет» иностранцы читали стихи о Победе

On May 9, Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature in cooperation with the city Department of Culture and Ulyanovsk State University hosted a creative event where students from other countries studying in Ulyanovsk read poetry.

In the square near the former Rassvet cinema, young people from India and Egypt recited poems in Russian as well as student’s native languages. The participants read poems “Courage” by Anna Akhmatova, “Wait for me” by Konstantin Simonov, “In the dugout” by Alexei Surkov. Students from India in national sari costumes introduced Ulyanovsk to poetry in Tamil, which speaks of love for nature, father's home, and people. The performances of all the participants were warmly received by the visitors of the site - the guests of the holiday applauded the speakers with pleasure, emphasizing the value of peace and happiness.

Such joint activities strengthen relations between peoples.

«The Great Victory Day is one of the most important holidays for our country. It is gratifying that students from other countries celebrate May 9 with us. It is extremely important to share national traditions with each other, as well as the beauty of poetry dedicated to peace and harmony», - said Elena Toporkova, the head of the Department of Culture and Leisure of the Population of Ulyanovsk.


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Thu, 05/04/2023

Приглашаем к участию в I Международном фестивале детского творчества «Все краски вдохновения детства»

Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature invites you to take part in The Colors of Childhood Inspiration, The I International Children Art Festival

When: June, 1, 2023 
Where: in your city 

We start our Festival on the International Children’s Day and invite all children under 16 to participate. This year's Festival is dedicated to fine art. 
Project’s mission is to create an environment where children are able to explore art freely and discover their talents.

The Festival is hosted by the cities participating in the project. The type of the event, the place and the time is determined by each city. The Festival could be celebrated by a plein air, a drawing lesson, a master class or any other type of event. 

The Festival in Ulyanovsk will take place in UNESCO alley of Pribrezhny Park. On June, 1, we invite children to take part in a plein air painting session. 
Everyone is welcome!

Join the festival and become a part of an international event featuring UNESCO Creative Cities.

Make sure to send your applications until May 20, 2023: 
Download the application form, sample, read the details about the festival:


Wed, 05/03/2023

Переводческий центр программы «Ульяновск – литературный город ЮНЕСКО» открыл двери для студентов УлГУ

On April, 27, future interpreters of the UlSU Institute of International Relations visited Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature Translation Center.

⁣Our team told the students about the key tasks of UNESCO in the development of creative cities and Russian UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Learning about UNESCO activities as well as studying foreign languages allows one to look at the world more globally. In cooperation with Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature, students had an opportunity to study the uniqueness of Russian sites under the protection of UNESCO. Among them are Red Square, Lake Baikal, the monastery of the island-city of Sviyazhsk, etc.

At the end of the practice, students will present the most interesting facts about Russian World Heritage Sites in Russian and English. This work will become part of a future project, which, as conceived by the authors, will allow the creation of an open-air museum in the UNESCO Alley, where all Russian UNESCO World Heritage sites will be creatively presented.

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