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October 2023

Tue, 10/31/2023

В Ульяновске состоится семинар «Как организовать свой бизнес и получить грант?»

On November 1, at 12 o'clock, a seminar "How to organize your business and get a grant?"

will be held.
Experts will tell you how:
- become an entrepreneur
- to issue a social contract
- get grant support

Organizers: Ulyanovsk – UNESCO Literary City Directorate (MBUK CBS) together with the Ulyanovsk Center for Entrepreneurship Development and the Foundation for Creative Industries of the Ulyanovsk region
⁣ The
event will take place at the Headquarters of Public Support of the Ulyanovsk region at 8 Spasskaya Street (Sovetskaya Hotel, ground floor)

Admission is free. Registration of participants from 12.00 to 12.30


Fri, 10/27/2023

Книга ульяновской писательницы, поэтессы и драматурга Галы Узрютовой «Страна Саша» вышла в Южной Корее

The book was published by Sunset Publishing House. In Russia, the story was printed by CompassGuide Publishing House in 2019.

Let us remind you that the Vega Film Company produced the film of the same name. The world premiere took place in 2022 during the International  Berlin Film Festival.


Дайджест о событиях Ульяновска как города ЮНЕСКО на страницах журнала "Симбирскъ"

We are so happy it has become a tradition! Read the news of Ulyanovsk as a UNESCO City of Literature on the pages of the literary almanac.



Tue, 10/24/2023

Ульяновск принял участие в ежегодной онлайн-встрече Сети творческих городов ЮНЕСКО

The “Culture: The key to unlocking local sustainable development” UNESCO online conference took place on October, 23. 

The meeting united 250 delegates from 180 creative cities and allowed creative cities’ representatives to share their best practices. The participants discussed the implementation of UNESCO Cultural Program in accordance with the MONDIACULT 2022 Declaration.
Ulyanovsk took part in the meeting’s sections on strengthening sustainable economic development of creative cities in digital era as well as on developing  creativity oriented city policies. Our colleagues from Russian cities - Saint Petersburg, Kazan, Kargopol participated in the conference as well.


“International conferences with our colleagues from all of the UNESCO Creative Cities is a great opportunity to learn about the best projects of the world that aim to develop cities’ creative industries. It is a valuable experience”, - said Elena Toporkova, Head of the Department of Culture and Organization of Leisure for the Population of the Ulyanovsk City Administration. 


At the end of the meeting, the presentation of the host city of the UNESCO Annual Conference took place. In 2024, Braga, Portuguese City of Media Arts, will be the host.

Fri, 10/20/2023

ЮНЕСКО откроет виртуальный музей

It will be a virtual museum of stolen cultural artifacts, UNESCO plans to create it in 2025. All the exhibits exist in reality, but no one knows where they are.

Visitors will be able to navigate through virtual spaces where these exhibits exist in 3D format. Visitors will learn unique facts, interesting stories and information about cultural significance about each of them.
According to The Antiquities Coalition, the most significant of the stolen items worldwide:
— the inscription on the alabaster stone of the 3rd century from the temple of Avvam in Yemen, disappeared in 2009-2011;
— An ivory relief from the 7th century BC depicting a lion attacking a Nubian from the Baghdad Museum disappeared in 2003;
— A green stone mask stolen from a Maya parking lot in Rio Azul in Guatemala in the 1970s;
— A 5th-6th century Varahi statuette, taken from a temple complex in Indian Rajasthan in 1988.
In total, the database of cultural values contains more than 52,000 artifacts stolen from museums or collections.
The idea of the museum is that its exposition is constantly shrinking as the items come back one by one and one day it is closed for good.
Would you like to visit such a museum?)
Sources, illustration:

Состоялась Конференция «Развитие регионального сотрудничества в рамках объединения стран БРИКС+»

On October 10, 2023, the BRICS Plus Business Communications Support Fund, as the Organizer of the V International Municipal Forum BRICS+, held the Conference “Development of regional cooperation within the framework of the association of BRICS+ countries.” The event was co-organized by the All-Russian Academy of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia (VAVT), which provided a platform for multilateral dialogue.

The event was attended by large commercial and non-profit structures, representatives of the regions of the Russian Federation. Ambassadors of foreign states ready for a constructive dialogue with Russia were also invited. In order to discuss the possibilities of strengthening cooperation in the BRICS+ format, representatives of the countries included in the association spoke at the event. The Russian side was represented by the International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, and the Association of Regional Agricultural Producers. Representatives of the BRICS countries, which from January 1, 2024 will become full members of the association (representatives of the embassies of Egypt, Argentina and the UAE), also took part.

The head of Rossotrudnichestvo, E.A. Primakov, delivered a welcoming speech, emphasizing the importance of such discussions. The organizers of the event also prepared thematic round tables, within which negotiations between representatives of Russian regions and 53 foreign embassies located in Russia took place in B2B and B2G formats.
Separately, the Foundation held a presentation of the V International Municipal Forum BRICS+, which will take place on November 9-10. The anniversary event will take place in St. Petersburg and will bring together more than 7,000 participants, including at least 1,500 foreign delegates. The forum is aimed at building effective and high-quality communication between cities and municipalities of states that are committed to a constructive dialogue with the Russian Federation.
As the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the V BRICS+ IFF noted, the Moscow conference became one of the key events in preparation for the upcoming Forum, where partners and co-organizers were able to discuss the agenda of business sessions, sections and round tables that were of interest to them, which will be held this year. “We are glad that there is serious excitement among foreign partners who are already forming delegations to the Forum,” notes Mikhail Cherepanov, focusing on the implementation of the BRICS+ MFF as a high-quality and effective platform for interaction between municipalities of the association’s countries.
The BRICS Plus Business Communications Support Fund expresses gratitude to VAVT for the assistance provided in preparing and holding the conference. The event was held at the highest level with the presence of a large number of foreigners and representatives of the regions. Today's conference showed that many countries of the world are ready to cooperate with the Russian Federation.
The event resulted not only in numerous discussions on the most pressing issues and negotiations with representatives interested in interacting with the Foundation, but also in the signing of cooperation agreements. Thanks to this, the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly and WAVT will begin even more active interaction with the Organizing Committee.

Fri, 10/13/2023

Бразильский город Рио-де-Жанейро объявлен ЮНЕСКО Всемирной столицей книги в 2025 году

This is reported in the official press release:

The cities selected by UNESCO as the World Capital of the Book commit themselves to promote literature for all ages and social groups both inside and outside their borders, as well as to organize a program of events for the year.

This year, the World capital of the book is the city of Accra (Republic of Ghana), next year Strasbourg (France) will take over the baton.

Wed, 10/11/2023

Дворец книги запускает литературную лабораторию

Are you a student and love to write poetry and stories? Then this information will be useful to you. The Palace of Books in Ulyanovsk launches a literary laboratory

Until October 20, applications are still being accepted for participation in the student literary laboratory “Write not on the table!”
Students of higher and secondary specialized educational institutions, as well as high school students from 14 to 25 years old, living in the Ulyanovsk region and writing in Russian, are invited to participate.
The competition accepts works in the following categories: poetry, prose, other genre.
Detailed information about the competition on the website:

Thu, 10/05/2023

Дирекция «Ульяновск- литературный город ЮНЕСКО» благодарит всех участников мастер-класса, проведенного лауреатом национальной премии «Русский детектив» Юлией Евдокимовой

 "How to create stories?" meeting took place on October 4 in the Model Central City Library named after. I.A. Goncharov. It was bright, educational and atmospheric! 

15 residents of Ulyanovsk took part in the event - aspiring writers, playwrights, editors, and bloggers. Using the texts of the participants as an example, Yulia Evdokimova examined the basics of creating stories and gave practical advice on how to make storytelling light and capture reader's interest. 

The workshop was organized by Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature and the Centralized Library System of Ulyanovsk. The event's aim was to improve the level of competencies of Ulyanovsk residents in the field of literarture.




Нобелевскую премию по литературе присудили норвежскому драматургу

The 2023 Nobel Prize in Literature has been awarded to Norwegian playwright Jun Fosse.
This was announced by the Nobel Committee of the Swedish Academy.
The writer became a laureate for “his innovative plays and prose, which allow him to express the inexplicable,” says the reasoning part of the decision.



Mon, 10/02/2023

Приглашаем на мастер-класс «Как создавать истории?» с Юлией Евдокимовой

On October 4 at 18:30, a workshop on writing will take place in Ulyanovsk. It will be conducted by Yulia Evdokimova, laureate of the "Russian Detective" Russian national award, member of  jury of the "Russian Detective" award and the "Around the World" literary competition, writer, author of 14 books published by the Eksmo publishing house, travel blogger.

Aspiring writers and bloggers of all ages are welcome.

The writer prepared a task for the participants: they need to write a travelogue - a short story about travels which reflects the impressions of the writer.

Participant’s works should not exceed two pages in A4 format.

This could be a story about a trip to the sea, about traveling to unusual places, or just a story about a walk around your favorite city, etc.

Using the example of each text, the writer will analyze the theory of creating stories.

To take with you: your text, printed; a pen; a notepad.

Venue: st. Kirova, 40, Central Model City Library.

Organizers: Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature and the Centralized Library System

Free admission.