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February 2023

Tue, 02/28/2023

Приглашаем на празднование Дня поэзии

The Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature program team, at the invitation of the UNESCO World Network of Literary Cities, takes part in the World Poetry Day project, proposed and coordinated by Granada since 2017.

The initiator of the Poetry Day celebration was the American poetess T. Webb, and for the first time it took place on October 15, 1938 in Ohio. Then the event was associated with the birthday of the ancient Roman poet Virgil. Later it became a national holiday and over time was supported by cities throughout the world. In the late 90s of the XX century, UNESCO decided to approve a new date - March 21.

The main goal of the World Poetry Day was to emphasize the great importance that literature plays in the cultural life of modern society, to unite poets from all over the world and give them the right and opportunity to express themselves!

The celebration in Ulyanovsk will be held March, 21 18:00 to 20:00 in the Aquamall shopping center in Chitai-Gorod, one of the best bookstores in our city.
Partners of the event: Aquamall shopping center, Ulyanovsk State University Institute of International Relations, branch of the Alliance Française school, Ulyanovsk Centralized Library System.
We invite everyone on March, 21 to the celebration of the World Poetry Day, where you will hear poems in different languages of the world and recite your favorite poems.


Thu, 02/23/2023

Турнир на кубок «Дружбы народов»

Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature continues to organize events aimed at the social adaptation of foreign students studying at Ulyanovsk State University.

Трибуны полны

On February 23, the XV futsal tournament for the Friendship of Peoples Cup was held at the New Generation USC.
The tournament was attended by Tatars, Chuvashs, Mordovians, Azerbaijanis, Armenians, Uzbeks, Tajiks, as well as foreign students
from India, Cameroon, Egypt, Iraq and other countries. The opening ceremony was attended by Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region Alexei Russkikh, (First Deputy Chairman of the

Federation Council Committee on Budget and Financial Markets SergeyRyabukhin), (acting Mayor Dmitry Zverev), Speaker of the City Parliament Ilya Nozhechki and other officials of our city.
Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature together with the city administration is
working on the social and cultural adaptation of students from India who took part in the mini-football tournament as well.
The community of students from India at Ulyanovsk State University is quite large - about 1,200 young people from this country study at the
university. Many Indians really enjoy volleyball, football and badminton. Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature makes sure to involve boys and girls from India in various cultural and sports events that take place in our city, and the students gladly accept the invitation.


Команда студентов из Индии

Sun, 02/19/2023

Студенты из Индии отпраздновали Масленицу

Asa part of the project on social adaptation of Indian students studying at UlSU, Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature organized an event for the students to get acquainted with the Maslenitsa celebration traditions.  On February 19, a Maslenitsa rite was held for the guests atthe Museum-estate of Urban Life.

Хоровод на масленицуХоровод на МАсленицуХоровод на масленицуПеретягивание канатаГорит чучело зимы

Thisholiday was celebrated with fun games and round dances. The students were treated to hot homemade pancakes and tea from pot-bellied samovars! After that, the participants of the event said goodbye to winter by a traditional symbolic burning of an effigy of Maslenitsa. The students enjoyed the event, they had a fun time.

Хоровод на МасленицуНАРодная забава - ходули

БЛины - главное  блюдоБлины на Маленицу

Sat, 02/18/2023

День музеев

As a part of the project on social adaptation of Indian students studying at UlSU, Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature organized a Museum Day. The students visited the Museum-estate of Urban Life and Museum of Fire Protection of Simbirsk-Ulyanovsk on February, 18.  Museum staff told the students about the history of Simbirsk and about the emergence of fire fighting in Rus'.

Students from India witnessed the Simbirsk catastrophe, the fire of 1864 and examined real historical exhibits, even tried on helmets. Fire Department Museum


МУзей пожарной охраны

The guests got acquainted with the exposition of the Museum-estate of Urban Life,without violating the authenticity of the subdued lighting of the house, characteristic of the late 19th - early 20th century. The students enjoyed interacting with an old telephone – anyone who picked up the phone was able to inquire about the 'latest' news of Simbirsk. The guests got acquainted with the exhibition dedicated to A.S. Pushkin. The students loved it! And of course, aplenty of selfies and group photos were taken. the Museum-estate of Urban Life 


Музей городского быта

Fri, 02/17/2023

Ульяновск как город ЮНЕСКО стал организатором международной онлайн-встречи городов ЮНЕСКО под эгидой VI Всероссийского фестиваля «Книжный маяк Петербурга»

Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature hosted the international online meeting on New Cultural Products, Cases and Practices of UNESCO CCN on February, 17. 

This online meeting was held as a part of the Book Lighthouse of St. Petersburg, the VI All-Russian Festival. In Ulyanovsk, the conference was held in 'Tochka Kipeniya', UlSU co-working space.


Онлайн-встреча. Коворкинг

Russian cities – Ulyanovsk, St. Petersburg, Kargopol, Kazan, Creative Cities from Brazil and Kazakhstan (Parati and Almati), cities from the Republic of Belrus as well as Vladivostok and Krasnoyarsk, which  are interested in joining the Creative Cities Network, took part in the meeting. 

For two hours, the participants discussed how to develop municipalities through the innovative experience of UNESCO Creative Cities.

The development of creative industries in cooperation with UNESCO was emphasized by Dmitry Zverev, the Acting Mayor of Ulyanovsk .

Онлайн-встреча в коворкинге

The representative of the Secretariat of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO Anna Ermachenkova noted that the Commission highly appreciates the large-scale work of Russian creative cities, and Ulyanovsk is one of the most active participants in the network.

Elena Cherkas, head of the Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature program team, spoke about the priority projects.

участники онлайн-встречи

“Active participation in international projects of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, international cooperation with UNESCO cities, BRICS and CIS countries is planned for 2023. Educational events will also be organized as part of the Year of the Teacher and Mentor, approved by the Decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, and projects related to the socio-cultural adaptation of Indian students studying in Ulyanovsk,” said Elena Cherkas.

Nana Gvichia, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Tourism Development of St. Petersburg, Tatyana Ivshina, Head of the Creative Industries Fund of the Ulyanovsk Region, and other participants shared plans for 2023 as well.

участники  онлайн-встречи

“One of the outcomes of the meeting was an agreement on cooperation between Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature team and Natalya Schasnovich, Executive Secretary of the National Commission of the Republic of Belarus for UNESCO. We plan to cooperate with the Belarusian UNESCO Clubs,” said Elena Cherkas.
The Book Lighthouse of St. Petersburg Festival is an intellectual holiday for Russian readers and Russian-speaking Internet users, and it was held February, 17 to February, 19 2023. Within three days, more than 1,000,000 people participated in the project.

Креативные индустрии: к искусству через модные принты

GRIDMIR is a start-up created in St. Petersburg and its team creates clothing prints inspired by literature and cinema. 

Many people have seen GRIDMIR shoppers, patches and other items since they are available on Russian marketplaces yet not so long ago they have presented their new collection of hoodies inspired by famous novels – like 1984 by Orwell or The Master and Margarita by Bulgakov.

Bookshop lovers, aesthetes, cultural revolutionaries and those cultivating their literary taste now all have an opportunity to quench their thirst for art.


Tue, 02/14/2023

Ульяновск – город ЮНЕСКО - организатор международной онлайн-встречи в рамках VI Всероссийского фестиваля «Книжный маяк Петербурга» «Музыка смыслов»

On February 17, 14:00 to 16:00 (Moscow time), an international online meeting on new cultural products, cases and practices of UNESCO Creative Cities will be held. Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature team will host the event.

The discussion will be held within the framework of the Book Lighthouse of St. Petersburg: Music of Meanings, the VI All-Russian Festival  (St. Petersburg).

The meeting will be devoted to the development of municipalities through creative industries and an overview of the best practices of UNESCO creative cities.

Anna Dmitrievna Yermachenkova, the representative of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO, will participate as a speaker and will share some tips on organizing the work of UNESCO Creative Cities as well as what to pay attention to when applying to join the CCN.

Natalia Sergeevna Shchasnovich, the executive secretary of the National Commission of the Republic of Belarus for UNESCO, will give a welcoming speech.

The following UNESCO Creative Cities will tell about their practice - St. Petersburg (Gastronomy), Kazan (Music), Kargopol (Crafts and Folk Art), Ulyanovsk (Literature), the Brazilian city of Paraty (Gastronomy), Ulyanovsk: Cultural Capital Creative Technologies Fund. The city of Kahramanmarash (Turkey), Vladivostok and Krasnoyarsk, which plan to become part of the UNESCO CCN, will also join the conversation.

We thank Dmitry Petrovich Zverev, Acting Mayor of Ulyanovsk, for his support.

We believe that the meeting will benefit the development of creative industries, grow the ideas of peace and strengthen cooperation under the auspices of UNESCO.



Sun, 02/12/2023

Ульяновск-город ЮНЕСКО - партнер мероприятий по безопасному использованию Интернета

More than 70 events  dedicated to Internet safety are held in the city libraries of Ulyanovsk as a part of the Safe Runet Week.

From February 7 to February 14, 2023, library specialists talk about how to use digital technologies safely.

Inquiries by phone: 32-57-06.



Как читать много книг?

GoodReads, the popular book social network, has published a large discussion on this topic.

In the comments, users share their experience on how to increase the amount of books they read. The stories are different - everyone has their own approach.

One of the comments is written by a person who combines reading and exercising in the gym: they put a book on the control panel of the treadmill. Some share they read several books at the same time, and it is important that the books are in different physical places like bedroom, office, living room, car, and this, they claim, increases the time spent reading. There are those who love listening to audiobooks.

By the way, we've got a question - do you participate in book challenges? How many books do you read in a year on average? Do you listen to audiobooks or enjoy holding a paper version in your hands? We are waiting for your comments here.

Ульяновск-город ЮНЕСКО - партнер мероприятий городских библиотек, посвященных памяти поэта Александра Пушкина

February 10 is the 186th anniversary of the death of the great poet Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin.

Interesting facts about the poet:

  • Young Pushkin was fascinated by the French language and French poetry, for which he received the nickname 'Frenchman' from his peers.
  • Alexander Sergeevich left many drawings in his manuscripts. And they still delight admirers of the poet's talent.
  • Turgenev considered Pushkin's poems a cure for depression, and in case of a bad mood he recommended reading at least a dozen of them.
  • It was Pushkin who gave Gogol the idea of writing his book  'The Government Inspector' ('Revizor').
  • The poet survived 20 duels, but the 21st became fatal for him.


Do you enjoy reading Pushkin? What poems or fairy tales by Pushkin do you re-read? Write in the comments here.





Wed, 02/08/2023

Ульяновск - город ЮНЕСКО поздравляет создателя памятника букве Ё, художника Александра Зинина с юбилеем

A wonderful artist, sculptor, teacher Alexander Zinin is celebrating his 70th birthday.

One of the master's creations is a monument to the letter Ё. The monument has become one of the symbols of modern Ulyanovsk. It is included in excursion routes around the city, and souvenirs with the image of the letter are very popular. Open any booklet for traveling around Ulyanovsk and it will definitely contain an image of the letter Ё. People like to take pictures near the monument.


Alexander Zinin is one of the ten outstanding figures in the field of culture of the Ulyanovsk region along with artists Dmitry Arkhangelsky, Arkady Plastov and Nikas Safronov.

The artist was born in the village of Pavlovka, Ulyanovsk region. Graduated from the Art and Graphics faculty of the Leningrad State Pedagogical Institute named after A.I. Herzen. He used to be a head teacher of the art studio in the regional Palace of Pioneers and in the Culture and Leisure Youth Center. He continues to teach now and he runs the art studio in the Gubernatorsky Palace of Culture.

Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature program team sincerely congratulates Alexander Vladimirovich Zinin on his birthday and wishes him good health and creative success!


Открыт прием заявок на премию для молодых поэтов и писателей «Лицей»

Подача заявок идет по электронной почте Прием работ - до 28 февраля 2023.В каждой номинации «Проза» и «Поэзия» присуждаются три приза: за первое место — 1 200 000 рублей, за второе место — 700 000 рублей, за третье место — 500 000 рублей.

Условия участия: возраст — от 15 до 35 лет, текст на русском языке. Объем для прозы — от 4 до 12 авторских листов. Объем для поэзии — от 150 до 700 строк. На премию можно выдвинуть работы, не выдвигавшиеся ранее на другие литературные премии, неопубликованные, либо изданные впервые.

Объявление длинного списка — 28 апреля. Объявление короткого списка — 18 мая. Награждение победителей — 6 июня 2023.

Подробности вы можете узнать здесь:


Wed, 02/01/2023

Ульяновск как город ЮНЕСКО — партнер квиз-шоу ЗБС

On January 31, a game was held where the city's intellectuals learned about Ulyanovsk as a UNESCO City of Literature. An interesting topic, since in 2015 our city became the first in Russia to join the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. 

Ulyanovsk is the only Russian city that represents Literature.

Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature became a partner of the event. Experts were asked a tricky question from the management, which not only tested their knowledge of literature, but also the logic of the city's intellectuals. We've met at least 180 of them – and all of them participated in the game!



The luckiest and the most intelligent received a literary super-prize — the Frigate Pallada travel sketchbook. This is a modern book based on the essays of our countryman Ivan Goncharov, which is written in Russian and English.

Goncharov created his book while traveling the world on the Pallada frigate as secretary to the head of the naval expedition, Vice Admiral Evfimy Putyatin. The writer visited England, Africa, China, Japan and masterfully wrote about his experiences there. The travel sketchbook has transformed a classic text into a modern, limited edition book.

Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature plans to introduce interesting facts about UNESCO Creative Cities to the participants of the quiz event.

We thank the organizers and personally Yegor Sitnikov for the opportunity to take part in the game and enjoy the atmosphere of intellectual excitement!