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June 2023

Tue, 06/27/2023

О нас пишут: журнал "Симбирскъ", июнь 2023

Read in the June issue of Simbirsk magazine about the key events in the life of Ulyanovsk as a UNESCO literary city:

Продолжаем открывать детям мир ЮНЕСКО

The Directorate of Ulyanovsk - UNESCO Literary City continues a series of events of the UNESCO Educational World project entitled "Getting to Know Russia".
The Get to Know Russia program allows children from UNESCO Associated Schools and candidates for this list to learn about Russian UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
We have already written about such meetings with the guys 
from gymnasium No. 34 and Governor's Lyceum No. 101 named after Yu.I. Latyshev

In May 2023, children from Ulyanovsk Gymnasium No. 33 plunged into the educational world of Unesco and learned how many unique objects there are in our country and what is the uniqueness of each of them. 
Such educational lessons will be held in other Associated Schools of our city.




Wed, 06/21/2023

Дирекция "Ульяновск - литературный город ЮНЕСКО" поздравляет лауреатов премии имени Гончарова-2023

The award ceremony took place in Ulyanovsk on June 18 - the writer’s birthday. Alina Osokina, young writer from Ulyanovsk, with her “Pre-June” short story cycle was recognized as the best in the “UNESCO Creative Cities Writers” category.

  • Maria Averina (Moscow) won the award for the “Students of I. A. Goncharov”.
  • Valery Domansky (St. Petersburg), doctor of sciences, won the award for the “Goncharov’s Legacy: Research and Enlightenment”.
  • The main prize went to Alexander Melikhov (Meilakhs), writer from St. Petersburg, and his “Trizna” novel (2020).



«Все краски вдохновения детства»: подводим итоги международного фестиваля

The Colors of Childhood Inspiration, the I International Children’s Art Festival, was held under the auspices of UNESCO and timed to the International Children’s Day. Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature designed the event’s concept and organized the festival.

The festival will be dedicated to a new creative field annually, this year’s topic is painting. Over 2600 people all around the world participated in the event and over 500 children took part in painting activities. Project’s mission is to create an environment where children are able to explore art freely and discover their talents.

Turkey, China, South Africa, Republic of Kazakhstan and Republic of Belarus joined the project. Russian cities – Kazan (Tatarstan) and Sibay (Bashkiria) - participated in the event as well. Ulyanovsk hosted the event in all parts of Ulyanovsk, 7 Children’s Art Schools, 2 Children’s Art Centers and Children’s Art School №1 of the Cherdaklinsky District took part in the festival. Each city has its own unique style. We are happy to share the wonderful photos of the celebration of The Colors of Childhood Inspiration Festival.




Wuhan (China) UNESCO City of Design joined the project. During the Colors of Childhood Inspiration Festival children from Wuhan had an opportunity to learn new facts about Russian culture. 80 people participated in the celebration.

On June, 1 the "Hand in Hand, for a Shared Future" National Children's Creative Works Exhibition was held. Over 300 children’s artworks were on display of the exhibition. The CITY1000 Creative Classroom event invited Professor Pan Jun, the Deputy Dean of the School of Fine Arts at South-Central Minzu University. The class, titled "Design in Literature, Literature in Design", centered around the Russian nesting doll. Professor Pan Jun guided the children to create their own nesting doll paintings on a 20-meter-long canvas to bring their ideas to life. It was fantastic!


Wuhan got inspired by the Ulyanovsk’s festival and decided to host one more event. On June, 3, Chen Cong, a children’s reading ambassador from Wuhan Children's Library, and artists from Wuhan Classical Orchestra introduced the participants to the "Swan", children's picture book. During the presentation, a 5-year-old child performed a ballet solo.


In the evening, the audience witnessed the East Lake Eye Ferris wheel lit by children’s creative video works featuring eight Russian nesting dolls. The light show concluded with an image depicting a handshake between Wuhan and Ulyanovsk. 

This image became a symbol of partnership of Wuhan and Ulyanovsk, the cities united by the International Children's Art Festival. 

South Africa

Hermanus (South Africa) UNESCO City of Tourism joined the celebration of The Colors of Childhood Inspiration Festival and hosted ‘Welcome, Whales!’ - a fun painting class. On June, 1, 40 children spent some time painting marine creatures. The participants celebrated the International Children’s Day through art and had a great time together. Pringle Bay, Mount Pleasant Primary, Hermanus Library, Dyer Island Conservation Trust, Deep Blue Ambassadors and Grootbos Foundation’s Hub in Masakhane helped with the organization of the event. Look, the kids clearly enjoy the process of painting! 


Kahramanmaraş (Turkey) decided to name the event “My colors & My dreams”. Before the painting part of the celebration, the children learned about Ulyanovsk. 15 kids participated in the event.

«The kids were very happy to join the festival participants from Ulyanovsk and other partner cities. We all, especially the children, had lovely time in the garden of Köker Konağı, a historical mansion. The children painted their canvas with the colors of their imagination», - said associate professor Dr. Elif Kocagöz, the coordinator of the event in Kahramanmaraş.

The event was hosted by the Continuous Education Center of Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University (KSU-SEM), in cooperation with the Department of Culture, Tourism and Sports of Metropolitan Municipality. Children from Kahramanmaraş participated in the event under the supervision of Melih Gemci, an art teacher. At the end of the event, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Selim Somuncu, a member of the UNESCO City of Literature Application Committee and the director of KSU-SEM, presented each child with a book set as a gift.

Republic of Kazakhstan

Abilmansur Bukenov, a young artist, became the first participant from another country to join the festival. He represented Almaty UNESCO City of Music. Abilmansur, a 6-year-old, painted the pictures on topics of ecology and the world.


Republic of Belarus

We are happy to see the Republic of Belarus among the participants. UNESCO associated schools – Minsk gymnasiums №33, 50, 24 joined the festival. The students had a fun time painting and drawing during the first day of summer holidays: some painted on canvas, some decided to draw on asphalt. Ulyanovsk’s festival was celebrated through plein-air events (with photo and video reportages), painting classes and lectures on the topic of the International Children’s Day. Evrika, Minsk Center for Additional Education for Children and Youth and the Belarusian Association of UNESCO Clubs hosted drawing classes for children. The event was attended by members of the "UNIC" and "Gulfstream" UNESCO Minsk clubs, students of educational institutions of the Frunzensky district of the Belarusian capital.

Students from gymnasium №3 of the Belarusian city of Borisov and children from Snovskaya secondary school (the agricultural town of Snov, Nesvizh district) joined the festival. Borisov is a member of the UNICEF initiative and is considered a “child-friendly city”. Children from the UNESCO school club drew in the city's park and demonstrated that art has no boundaries. In the city of Snov, they organized a competition of asphalt drawings.

Minsk Gymnasium №24




Minsk Gymnasium №33

Minsk Gymnasium №50



Evrika, Minsk Center for Additional Education for Children and Youth and the Belarusian Association of UNESCO Clubs


the city of Borisov


the city of Snov



Kazan UNESCO City of Music joined the project as well. 25 students from Kazan Children’s Art School №1 have chosen one of the most beautiful buildings in the city – the Ekiyat Tatar State Puppet Theater – and created wonderful sketches of it. How charming is children’s art!

The Bashkir city of Sibay organized a competition of asphalt drawings. The Colors of Childhood Inspiration festival became a part of the city’s celebration of the Children’s Day and was held in the City Park of Culture and Recreation. 35 children took part in the competition, and in total there were about 2,000 children at the festival, who shared the joy of creativity with the artists.

In Ulyanovsk, the festival was celebrated in every part of the city.

The largest event took place in the Zavolzhski District - on the UNESCO Alley in the Pribrezhny Park. Students from Children's Art Schools №8, 10, Children's Art School №1 of the Cherdaklinsky District and anyone interested in participating had a chance to explore painting. About 90 children took part in the plein air event, and everyone loved it - all the children got to ride the rollercoasters and enjoy ice cream.

In the central part of the city, in the "Pobeda", "Molodyozhny" and "Vinnovskaya Rosha" parks, fun and creative plein-air sessions were hosted – the students of Children's Art Schools №4,6,7,12,13 and Children's Art Centers participated in the events.

Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature team would like to thank all the participants of the Colors of Childhood Inspiration, the I International Children’s Art Festival. The festival brought together children and adults from different countries and stimulated the intercultural dialogue while strengthening peace and cooperation between peoples.

Mon, 06/19/2023

При поддержке Ульяновск - литературный город ЮНЕСКО иностранные студенты поучаствовали в 45-м Гончаровском празднике

On June 18, during the “Open Mic” that took place in front of the entrance to the Museum of I.A. Goncharov Historical and Memorial Center, students of UlSU and UlSTU from Guinea-Bissau, India, Nigeria, Sudan and Yemen recited selected excerpts from Goncharov's book "Pallada Frigate" together with Ulyanovsk citizens.  

Alexei Russkikh, the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region, greeted the participants and wished the students success in learning the Russian language and culture.

After the  “Open Mic”, the foreign guests visited the main site of the holiday - the "Vinnovskaya Rosha" park, and had fun riding rollercoasters.

We would like to thank the Museum of I. A. Goncharov for the invitation to the 45th Celebration of Goncharov.

Пост в социальной сети




Дирекция "Ульяновск - литературный город ЮНЕСКО" приняла участие в открытии 65-ой международной художественной выставки ''Душа Палестины"

The event took place on June, 17 at the Sovremennik cinema and concert complex. The works of famous Palestinian, Arab and Russian artists were presented

Elena Cherkas, head of the Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature directorate, joined the opening ceremony and spoke about key projects.

The exhibition is organized by the Union of Business Women of Russia. Al-Balawi Bassam Fathi, the chairman of the regional branch of the Chuvash Orthodox Palestinian Society, academician of the International Humanitarian Academy "Europe-Asia" and Yaroslava Evdokimova, a member of the Union of Journalists of Russia, producer, cinematographer became the curators of the exhibition.



Пост в социальной сети.


"Ульяновск - город ЮНЕСКО" стал почётным гостем на Международном фестивале-конкурсе креативных индустрий ''Продвижение от А до Я"

The event took place on June, 17 at the Sovremennik cinema and concert complex. The works of famous Palestinian, Arab and Russian artists were presented.

Elena Cherkas, head of the Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature directorate, joined the opening ceremony and spoke about key projects.

The exhibition is organized by the Union of Business Women of Russia. Al-Balawi Bassam Fathi, the chairman of the regional branch of the Chuvash Orthodox Palestinian Society, academician of the International Humanitarian Academy "Europe-Asia" and Yaroslava Evdokimova, a member of the Union of Journalists of Russia, producer, cinematographer became the curators of the exhibition.

Пост в социальной сети

Thu, 06/15/2023

Статья об Ульяновске, литературном городе ЮНЕСКО, в литературном журнале «Симбирск»

“Simbirsk” literary magazine published a digest about the work of Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature directorate in the second issue.

Let’s look back:


Tue, 06/13/2023

В гостях у дирекции «Ульяновск-город ЮНЕСКО» побывали ребята из Губернаторского лицея № 101 им. Ю.И. Латышева

Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature continues a series of events of the UNESCO World of Knowledge project called ‘Discover Russia’.

On June, 13th the students of the Governor's Lyceum №101 learned:

- about what UNESCO is and why the UNESCO Creative Cities Network was created;

- about the unique cultural and natural heritage sites in Russia and the world;

- about Ulyanovsk as the first Russian city to join the UNESCO Creative Network.

The children loved it!

The event was held in the Model Central Library named after. I.A. Goncharov. The students were given a tour of the library by the head of the library E.R. Teimurbulatova. At the end of the meeting, the children and Lyubov Savelyeva, teacher of Lyceum №101, lecturer of the ‘Knowledge’ Russian society, an international trainer in the field of intercultural communication and non-formal education, played the game ‘UNESCO Intercultural Dialogue’. To play the game, students had to use the facts they learned during the meeting.

We thank the Governor's Lyceum №101, Lyubov Savelyeva and Maria Gorskova for their help.

The ‘Discover Russia’ program allows children from UNESCO Associated Schools and candidates for this status to learn about Russia's UNESCO World Heritage Sites.





Пост в социальной сети.


Fri, 06/09/2023

Ульяновск - город ЮНЕСКО стал частью городского фестиваля «БУЛЬВАР»

Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature in cooperation with the Centralized Library System participated in the Boulevard Festival, the festival of food and music. This time, the festival was held over two days.

On June 3 and 4, guests had a chance to enjoy the performances of over 30 bands from different cities of Russia, treat themselves to delicious food and have a fun time getting acquainted with creative initiatives presented.

Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature set up a “Listen to the Recipes from Your Favorite Books” gastronomy themed literary gallery. Participants of the festival learned more about the recipes from their favorite novels and had a chance to hear them in audio format after scanning QR-codes.

Children had a fun time, too – they took part in educational workshops organized by Ulyanovsk libraries where kids tried to guess which cereal was inside a bag, put proverbs about food together, attempted to build musical instruments.

We would like to thank the following organizations: the Art-Fest Center for the Social, Cultural and Scientific Projects Development and Ilya Valov, the Department of Culture of the city of Ulyanovsk (E.N. Toporkova, head of the Department) and the Centralized Library System of Ulyanovsk (O.G. Yurlova, head of the CLS). These organizations’ support allowed Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature to participate in the Boulevard Festival.


Публикация в социальной сети


Wed, 06/07/2023

В Ульяновске состоялся I Международный фестиваль детского творчества «Все краски вдохновения детства»

Фестиваль детского творчества прошел в формате пленэра 1 июня, в День защиты детей, под эгидой ЮНЕСКО и проводился в семи странах мира: в Турции, Китае, ЮАР, Чаде, Республике Казахстан, Республике Беларусь и России. К проекту присоединились Татарстан и Башкирия.

Более 1000 детей одновременно в разных странах рисовали на свободную тему. Так воплотилась миссия проекта - раскрыть талант детей через свободу творчества.

В Ульяновске фестиваль стал основным мероприятием празднования Международного дня защиты детей и прошел во всех районах города с участием 250 юных художников.

Ключевой площадкой стал парк «Прибрежный», где писали картины в разных жанрах ребята из ульяновских Детских школ искусств, Чердаклинского района и все желающие. Лучшие работы будут размещены на выставке рисунков.

Почётным гостем праздника стал глава города Александр Болдакин. Он поздравил ребят и их родителей с Днем защиты детей.

Участники фестиваля смогли не только проявить себя в творчестве, но и получить массу эмоций: бесплатно прокатились на аттракционе «Веселые горки» и прошли полосу препятствий в веревочном парке «Адреналин» и полакомились мороженым от Ульяновского хладокомбината.








Ульяновская писательница Юлия Евдокимова получила премию «Русский детектив» на книжном фестивале «Красная площадь» и вошла в состав жюри премии

The Red Square Festival, the biggest event of the book year in Russia, was held June, 2 to June, 6 and united over 200 thousand people and 400 publishing houses. Traditionally, “Russian Detective-2022”, the award ceremony of one of the main literary awards in Russia, was held during the festival.

The award is given for the best detective works – books, movies, TV-shows – Russian as well as foreign ones. The list of finalists and laureates of the award for 2022 includes famous writers: Alexandra Marinina, Tatyana Ustinova, Mike Omer, Chris Whittaker, Kotaro Isaka.

Yulia Evdokimova won the Discovery of the Year award. Her book – “Umbria, the green heart of Italy. The Mystery of the Old Abbey and St. Francis Cookies” - was voted one of the best detective stories of the year. The writer received an invitation to join the award jury in 2023. “Cozy Russia”, the author’s new book, was presented at the Red Square festival. During the first day of the festival, a quarter of the entire edition was sold. The book is dedicated to culinary art and sights of Russian cities.

FOR REFERENCE: Yulia Evdokimova is the author of 15 historical and gastronomic bestsellers and the “Crimes and Goodies” detective series.

In April of 2023, three meetings with Yulia Evdokimova were held in Ulyanovsk - the author shared some writing tips with the audience and talked about the genre of culinary detective story. The meetings were organized by the Department of Culture and Leisure of the Population of Ulyanovsk and Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature.

The life of Yulia Evdokimova is associated with Ulyanovsk - she spent most of her life here, now she resides in Nizhny Novgorod.

Yulia's two new books about Russia are bestsellers, and the author promised that next time she would write about Ulyanovsk. For now, she is looking forward to receiving old family recipes from the residents of Ulyanovsk.

Mon, 06/05/2023

Ульяновск-город ЮНЕСКО принял участие в конференции "Человек и текст"

The conference took place on May, 26 2023 and was dedicated to Alexander Pushkin’s creative heritage and the 190th anniversary of the poet's visit to Simbirsk. UlSU (Ulyanovsk State University), which celebrates its 35 anniversary this year, hosted the event.  Pushkin’s work has been translated into all the languages of the world. There are over 300 monuments dedicated to Pushkin  in 40 countries. The conference was held in the Yazykovs’ House, a literary museum. The house once belonged to Nikolay Yazykov, a Simbirsk poet and a very good friend of Pushkin.

We invite you to watch a Volga RTRBC TV report about the Human and Text conference, hosted by UlSU and dedicated to literary heritage of Pushkin. Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature took part in the conference as well.


Watch the video

Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature congratulates everyone on Pushkin’s Day!

Annually on June, 6, Russian Language Day is celebrated, also known as Pushkin’s Day. The life of the great writer is connected with Simbirsk-Ulyanovsk: 190 years ago he visited the city. Pushkin’s literary heritage has been translated to all the languages of the world.